Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dr. StrangeGun, or how I learned to love the odd...

The Dr. was just on the evening news. If you were watching WBIR channel 10, and saw the spot on the upcoming background check bill... I was doing all the shooting. Pistol shooting, I mean.

Featuring: One S&W 432 with Federal 95gr hollowpoints, and one CZ75 Compact 9mm with Federal 115gr ball.

I strung the revolver, which is dissapointing, I need practice. The CZ though, even though I managed to hammer the front sight into a nice loose wobble a few months ago, it shot like a dream.

As for the news piece itself... smells a little. What do you expect though, it's TV.


Thursday, March 02, 2006


I hope this makes up for my relative silence... I had an idea the other day; gunwiki. Unfortunately gunwiki.com was taken, so I registered firearmwiki.com, made the requisite deals with my hosting provider, and...

There's now a Wiki just for guns: FirearmWiki.com .

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE :-D Some enterprising individuals are already importing articles from Wikipedia, so the links may be a bit wonky and images missing for a while, but they're there, and ready for editing, adding, obfuscating...

Basically if you wish to share your knowledge with the world, *this is the chance*.