Friday, October 31, 2008

So.... about that credit thing...

Yeah, I'm within 3 weeks of having no credit debt whatsoever.

Or, I was. Knocked some co-pays over to a credit card... and while I was at it, I found a deal.

Sometime in the near future, something will be arriving on my doorstep (or at the range, haven't decided).

That something... is a Colt A1 upper assembly, chrome-lined, small pin, with the teardrop forward assist and no deflector, and a squirrel-cage flash hider, for less than four bills.

I'll still need a bolt and charging handle, but this pretty much means the first AR project will be complete, and I can focus on getting AK parts kits, soon, real soon, while they still exist.

EDIT: Soon, I suppose, means now... I have got to stay off gunbroker. $400 Bulgarian AK74 kit. God, the prices really have skyrocketed on those.

Next, later, will be a plain-jane WASR kit or a barrel-less AMD65, likely the latter since they're cheap and frankly different.

EDIT AGAIN: Umm, I'm going to end up with 3 AKs then. I'll need a different receiver for the '74... no big deal, that's cheap stuff.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A little more practice.

I finally got the time to take a pistol onto the range yesterday... two, in fact, since I was asked to function check one used PA63.

If I ever have one of those pistols, it's going to have the nickname "Sonofabitch". That little bastard *hurts*, messed me up for a bit with the gun I was intending to practice with :) Good news? The PA63 in question first shot two side by side about 1" up and 1/2" off right of bullseye, then a connected 3" long vertical string about an inch to the left and at the bullseye level, at 7 yards.

I also shot one handed, since that just works better for me with smaller guns.

And then, I stepped up with *my* practice, my Tanfoglio TZ75 compact and 50 of the GA Arms 115gr 9mm.

Results? All hits on target at 7 yards, but the first magazine I fought a wicked push so there were a scattering of 4-5 rounds down from bullseye up to 5" or so, and then I fought with the POA a little, and aiming an inch and a half up and left for the rest of the rounds obliterated the bullseye and most of the "10 ring", in quotes because I was using a cast-off sighting target.

Not bad. I know some do much better, but when I practice during work hours typically I'm taking the next shot as soon as I'm back on target, rapid-fire. That serves two purposes; one, I'm not killing too much time on the range when I could be on the floor, and two, I figure if I ever REALLY REALLY need to start shooting, a fast followup on target is a bit more useful than taking 10-15 seconds to put a bullet through the same hole as last time.

I do wonder why the TZ is so far off POA though, I'll have to bench it and/or have someone else try it and see if it's me or the sights. Could be the ammo too, a lot of Euro guns get regulated for 124gr. I tried to buy 124 when I was in Villa Rica, but they were out...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ah look, product placement.

Yes, I'm endorsing a non-gun product.

Pretty good tea, inexpensive too. I find it at Food City. Here's a closer look at the label.

Why the endorsement on the gun blog?

Nothing like a little "gunpowder tea". The tin, pretty much air/water tight, holds 100 rounds of 9mm neatly.

The lid dents a bit, but I've turned it upside down while full, shaken it a bit, it stays closed.

Oh, and on another note, I've been tumbling like a madman;

All squeaky-clean (well, mostly) .38spl brass, with 50 rounds of .32 magnum for good measure. Once I get a powder measure I'll start loading again; eventually I want another pistol (or get the M&P repaired, needs a new firing pin bushing) and a .357 magnum carbine, something lighweight like a single.