Sunday, February 22, 2009


We have entered one of those periods of time where real life takes over and the outgoing data feed thins.

What's happened lately?

- I'm wrangling to figure out how to get a free car home, a '92 Lincoln with a bad transmission.

- I'm in posession of a new 10 gallon air tank to assist with such retrieval

- Friday I come home to find water flowing down my driveway. 4 hours and $575 later, I've installed a new 40 gallon "energy smart" water heater, and have a brace of new plumbing tools.

- Friday, being handy was demonstrated to be a wonderful thing.

- I just finished hooking up one used intel Mac Mini to my big screen via HDMI. I cannot express just how absolutely freaking *gorgeous* the picture is, and it plays fullscreen 1080i video without a hitch, even streaming TV episodes from and upscaled DVDs. Now I just have to figure out the audio portion.... and as much as I'd hate to not route through the TV for this, I may have to bypass. I like to use as few user steps as possible, and I've got it set up now that audio switches with the video source on the television, and the surround reciever stays on one source. I do this because my ancient surorund reciever's remote has *teeny* tiny buttons.

- I will probably very soon need to find myself a new cellphone. The buttons are beginnning to stick on my old standby. Damned thing's only 6 years old, can't imagine what's wrong...

That is all. I now resume my previous activity of watching Patton in HD.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Side note on the 1911

I was informed recently (or not so recently, I've been busy) that I messed up a little on the 1911 breakdown.

Essentially; remove the thumb safety *first*. Alter your reassembly as required.