Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Oh my GOD.

Now you've done it. You've all convinced CCA's own mad scientist/dreamer/gun nut to come blog with you.

Prepare for the onslought. All your Ortgies are belong to us.

You just *wait* till I've drawn and mocked up that .25acp Broomhandle mini-clone...


Blogger Alston said...

Oh lord. There'll be no living with him now.

Seriously, welcome to the club, Mike.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Dwight Brown said...

Why .25 ACP? Why not just go with .22 long rifle? I'd probably buy one in that chambering.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Dr. StrangeGun said...

.25 because it's shorter, and with this style of action requiring 2x the cartridge OAL plus a little fudge room to function, every tenth of an inch matters.

It also keeps the magazines at right angles and very very thin. The .22 rim is ~.25" across and needs to stagger a little bit to keep the magazine in a perfect vertical plane, which increases the required width a little.

Yes, I know .25 has a semi-rim but it's not that extreme :)

There's also the little deal with having no JHP's for .22lr because of the heeled bullet design. .25 isn't going to be the mousegun everyone envisions with this design because I intend to have at least a 2.5" barrel. Long and thin, pen-like for concealment, so it's mistaken for *gasp* a pen, clipped into the pocket.

5:26 PM  

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