Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More odd ideas

(digital cam still AWOL, by the way)

I spend a lot of time considering what would be starter projects once I lay hands on a lathe and mill. I had an idea today that's so obvious I feel stupid I hadn't considered it before.

Look at the CZ52. Very simple machining to get something to lay on the frame. Like... a .22 conversion. *slaps forehead*. Or for that matter, any other caliber conversion. It seems to me that the hardest part would be to make a "filler" to go inside a '52 magazine shell to hold the .22 cartridges. I may poke around with mine today and see how much room is there, I'm thinking there may even be room to use a MkII or 22/45 ruger magazine.

Other calibers are possible too, small blowbacks... that's the simplest. If I decided to get wonky with it I could then make a copy of the original slide with some changes, just a training exercise.


Blogger Randolph said...

I realize this post is old, so am I and I just found your blog.

FYI you can easily increase the capacity of a standard CZ52 magazine by one round with a slight - <1/8" trimming of the magazine follower. Not earth-shaking news but 9+1 is better than 8+1. I actually built a follower to try this rather than mess up a factory follower if it was not going to work.

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