Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Doctor has an addiction.

Oh wow. Ok, so I updated my C&R so it's valid again (I moved), and decided to start using it again.

So, first thing out of the chutes I bought a 1944 No4Mk1 converted by pakistanis into a No5Mk1, and a 1927 Izhesk dragoon conversion on a hex reciever.

And recent credit card problems being solved, now I'm going home at the end of the day with a 1916 NoIMkIII and a Beretta 1934 .380 export model with no import marks, meaning there's a high chance it was a north african export or to some other nation with no proof houses, but not the US, because it was produced right around the time when Italy had a touch of the evils. Puzzling.

Anyway, the point is... I don't want to go broke! :)

But I'll buy a K-31....


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