Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ruger's new offering....

Ruger apparently just introduced a new rifle to the world:

The Ruger Phaeton.

Oops, I mean the VW SR-556. No, I mean...

I mean someone's going to get fired over this, mark my words. Introducing a new product in an over-represented market at a price point out of sorts with the reputation of the manufacturer, where the casual buyer is either price-focused towards a general item (in this case, the SR556 is undifferentiated form other offerings) or name-focused on differentiated items with particular features (ex: the piston-driven fans, who have bushmaster, LWRC, et. al. as established marks)...

... that's a sure recipe for success, right? Right?


Anonymous KingsideRook said...

That's what I said, minus the clever metaphor, and no one listened to me either.


8:25 PM  

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