Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

...or actually today, since it's after midnight, I've got a shift at the gun shop. if I can gather the time, I'm going to zero in the holographic sight on Spacegun.

If I get that done, I'll bring it home... and three things should happen. One, I find space in this clutter-beriddled home to set up a decent lighting and background setup. Two, I'll clean and take proper photos of the completed setup. Three...

Three is kind of important to the blog, and may even be exciting.

Remember when I started this blog, after a few months I did a long, detailed photo expose on detail stripping a CZ75? I'll do the same with the RIA frame. If I can describe it accurately, I'll even profile what I did to get the gun running.

Now, I'm a professional procrastinator when my plans get skewed, but as long as I get some range time then within a few days you'll get your post.



I've been busy growing the new list of guns to purchase... gotta have goals, right?

These are in no particular order.

1 - one more AR15, 16" flattop with a flat block, to build as a superlight model
2 - Marlin 981T
3 - rebuildable .22 suppressor
4 - a .44 revolver (make/model undetermined)
5 - black powder revolver (likewise, leaning towards Starr)
6 - Astra 400
7 - wishful thinking, a Mauser C96
8 - a Savage bolt rifle to build into a long-range shooter (pricey)
9 - CZ550 American, in something suitably huge (I've wanted a .416 Rigby since I read an article in some gun mag ~20 years ago, when I was in grade school)
10 - CZ-453
11 - CZ-38, CZ DUO, and CZ-97 to complete the collection
12 - Armalite AR24 fullsize

I think twelve is enough. Except for #1 there, which I may double, I don't think I'll have issues regardless of what laws come down, if any... so obviously #1 there is first, and if they come available I may buy lowers and build that too.

Superlight? This is the project for which a DPMS sportical would be a stellar start. What I'm thinking of is bare minimum AR, no shell deflector, no forward assist... flat top upper, "sightless" gas block and not just a lopro, an expanded metal tubular handguard, lightweight grip, perhaps even lightening cuts in the lower, and a semi-fixed wire stock hung off a carbine tube. Top that with a lightweight holosight and you have the lightest possible non-NFA AR15.

My third line project AR would just be a practical shooter, possibly in 6.8mm. This would be something I'd feel comfortable using for just about anything I can think of, tactical shooting, 200-300 yard, maybe even hunting. Now, "comfortable" does not mean "perfect", but an M4-kinda with a free float quad, good flip irons and a quick-detach magnifying optic as well as a decent set of aftermarket stocks would go very, very far towards being a jack of all targets.

EDIT: 11:31PM

Couldn't get two spare seconds to rub together at the shop todsy, plus it rained and the rifle case has to go in the bed of the truck. I need a bigger truck, one with a back seat.

Actually I've been working on that, but it'll be a while :)


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