Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dr. StrangeGun, or how I learned to love the odd...

Not much has changed... I picked up a 1947 production M44 a few days ago, which is slick, and haven't had time to clean up *anything* lately.

But there's something new stirring; I'm getting a Para P16-40. Why? It's got a funky trigger, it's *wide* at the grip, almost too wide for my hands, it's set up with the possibility of BREAKING it if you cock the hammer...

...but there are trigger sets available, it's not too wide for my hands even if it's almost, and there are bobbed hammers available.

And I'm going to convert it to TEN MILLIMETER. WOOHOO!

18 to 20 rounds of 10mm 1911-esque fury baybee! Woo!


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