Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is regarding the "Bond 1" show and the magnetic watch experiments, towards the end where they were attempting to duplicate the effects at any cost.

Point of error:

- The vast preponderance of .45acp ammo is made of copper jacketed lead. No magnet is going to attract or repel that on a linear basis.

They did however get a deviance from flight path using extremely strong rare earth magnets... but not for the reasons they proposed.

-Bullets spin for stabilization, 1 turn in 16". That doesn't seem a lot, but it's enough over a couple feet of magnets to induce a circular eddy current in the bullet, stopping the spin and introducing a gyroscopic instability because of the higher angular velocity of the rear surface of the bullet.
-Linear eddy currents can have some effect but the bullet does not fly close enough to the magnets for this to be a serious effect. See foucault braking.
-The material of the bullet would not have been directly affected by the magnet at all, it's non-ferromagnetic.

The only reason their bullet was affected at all was because it was moving, and sheathed in a conductive material. I'm inclined to hypothesize that a pure lead bullet, lead being a very poor conductor, would not be affected to a discernable degree.

I could also theorize that if you shot a light weight solid silver bullet in a fast-twist barrel through a strong enough magnetic field that joule heating would cause it to explode, but that's taking things a bit far :)


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