Sunday, January 06, 2008

This is the radio post...

I'm making a placeholder and opening up comments without moderation for talk about the radio. Status as of today:

- I've re-verified that the transformer is hooked up correctly and I was just having a massive brain fart as far as how a full-wave rectifier is hooked up.

- there is a circuit in place to replace a 1K ohm field coil, that is two 500 ohm wirewounds sandwiching a 47mfd electrolytic, which is polar, and oriented correctly.

- I replaced a big ole' classic 16 mfd reservoir cap with a less big modern 16mfd cap I got from antique tube and radio. This is the cap that seems to "lose" about 436 volts across it. I can't verify that it's what it's supposed to be in the schematic either, Fairbanks morse didn't see fit to actually put specs on, well, ANYTHING.

- HT voltage out of the power supply circuit is currently running 465 volts DC. Spec, as looking at the sheets' refence for the plate voltages around the unit, is supposed to be 245v. I think I may have an open component yet, as there's still some vintage left, and that may be allowing the power supply to drift high. Way high.

Pictures forthcoming if they help.


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