Thursday, March 13, 2008


I took the range's Kimber .22 target 1911 conversion out tonight with some leftover mini-mags.

Not bad for no warmup, one-hand shooting at 25 yards.

I also spotted something in the sales case and just had to arrange and photo-ize:

1918 -- 2008 , and damn near identical. The only things I could find on the new Colt reproduction that are off are the prancing horse, the tilt of the slide serrations, and the magazine is fully blued rather than half-dipped like an original.

I want one, badly... It'd probably never get shot either, I'd put it in a nice presentation case with some period memorabilia and leave it at that. Alas, that's impractical *and* impracticable.

I *MUST* stick to the fiscal plan...


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