Saturday, August 30, 2008

Small updates.

- I've shot up all the Georgia Arms .32 magnum ammo, with reasonable results. The SP101 leaded like hell too, so the 432 isn't having any problems. When I reload these cases, i have a box of 100gr FMJ projectiles so the leading issue is moot.

- I'm also 100 rounds into the GA 115gr FMJ 9mm. It's very good ammo, quite consistent... the last 50 rounds disappeared into a 2.5" ragged hole on a 7 yard target as fast as I could reacquire the sight picture.

- I just finished buying . What I'll do with it is obvious; the how and where isn't. I think I'll be "going big time" and doing the google ad thing, and to further that I may expand my presence here... for a long time I've avoided politics and other subjects under the DrStrangegun persona, and that may change. Then you all get to see what a real lunatic I am...

- is pretty much dead on the vine, and if anyone else wants the site to administrate, let me know.


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