Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mug Shot.

There it be. And there be it like all the others; 11oz shiny black ceramic of which I bought almost a dozen of for $0.75 a piece a few years back. Mold-made, so the surface is like a mirror, perfectly smooth.

Tam, Breda, and Uncle were doing it, I figured hey why not :)

I did get called "the most relentlessly pragmatic person I know" or something close to that, I suppose it shows in places...


In other news, a decision was made in how to make the "strange" AK. There will be some experimentation first, to see if I can devise a magazine that will fit through an unmodified AK magwell that will be "easy" to make and feed .357 magnum/.38 special; if such can be done, then I'll be making a pump-action .38/.357 AK.




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