Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bullet: bitten.

After reviewing my finances and staring at a blank wall for several minutes, I once again perused some online sites and huzzah!

3-6 business days from now, an RCBS vibratory tumbler will arrive on my doorstep, alongside 4 pounds of dry polish corncob media.

Oh, and a 20rd box of Hornady 7.5 Swiss. The K31 is hungry.

This is excellent news for... for... someone (I need to go look again) on TFL who asked nicely for a couple rounds of some of the odd ammo I've got in a box awaiting a tumblin' cleanup. I think it's the .32 rimfire...

Oh, and prepare yourselves for an ammofest photoshoot once that's done as well. There's some *seriously* rare and unusual stuff in that box.


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