Friday, December 12, 2008

Scopes are here.

I'm actually rather impressed. I bought a couple NCStar scopes on for super-cheap, expecting something to play with for a while until I figured out exactly what scopes to go looking for what gun. I may actually be stuck with these.

First is a 4x20 .22 rifle scope with rings. It feels fairly solid, but the adjusting mechanism is in a block that's screwed to the tube from the outside. Doesn't look bad, but I can foresee some possible issues. It still "feels" better than the cheap BSA that's on the Marlin 60 now, which came from walmart and cost twice this did. The tube and optics are good and solid, picture's clear, only beef I have quality-wise is finding some flash around the inside of the hole where the adjusting wheels are. Cost: $8.

Second is a compact 4x30 for the NEF. This is solid... appears to be nitrogen filled, again nice and bright with clear reticle, no quibbles over the level of detail. The lenses are coated, which I didn't expect. Adjusters are 1/4MOA per click, reticle is a P4 "sniper", all in all I'm pleased. Cost: $19. $19!

If they survive and perform, I'm stuck with 'em, and that may not be a bad thing. Even if they don't last I may still be stuck with 'em, they both have a lifetime warranty.

Not a Leupold or even a Nikon by any means, but for low-recoil, 50-100 yard plinking, I think they'll do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wandered over from Tam's.

I tried out the NCStars after a recommendation from my gunsmith. Got a 4-12x50, illuminated reticle, etc. Slapped it on my new Savage .22 and could never get it to zero. Groups were patterns, all over the paper. Checked everything, changed ammo, same thing.

Took the scope back and exchanged it towards a Nikon ProStaff. Zeroed almost instantly and has held that zero ever since.

No more NCStar for me.

8:51 PM  

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