Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Failure is success.

The NCStar experiment comes to a close in failure. The initially good-looking 4x30 scope shot on the paper right out of the box, elevation dead on and windage 2" right at 25 yards. I go to adjust... nothing moved. I didn't overtorque the rings either, it's just flat busted. The NEF itself performed flawlessly, interlocking shots at 25 yards with some cast-off Rem 125 JSP .357mag I found.

Haven't tried the .22 scope yet, but my spirits toward it have darkened. I did notice that the BSA scope I had on there is *exactly the same*, just better dressed and with a longer tube for the magnification feature.

The mech-tech is a partial success; cranking on the red dot a bit got it where I can see the hit on the paper while aiming, but I stopped there with other issues to deal with... with the mag loaded more than 7-8 rounds it doesn't disconnect the trigger properly. Odd. Less than that though, and it runs like a scalded dog, very little recoil and incredibly controllable. That stock, however, will have to go... even with very little shock I've got a red patchwork on the front of my shoulder where it rubbed around. I need to find something that lowers the cheek weld/raises the body of the carbine, it's very hard to aim comfortably and I don't want to elevate the sight.

Win some, lose some... and I can say with certainty that the Chinese scopes are indeed junk after all; I just wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, and for $19 I got my answer. If I ever feel like it, I'll get a warranty replacement and see if it was just a bad unit or if recoil killed it by trying it out with light .38 specials instead of warm-hot .357mag.


Asides from the busted scope, on top of the NEF rifle is a nice set of Warne 1" high-profile quick-detach rings. I'm already set up for whatever else I put on, provided it's a 1" tube. Pricey, but very sturdy.

The Marlin 444 got your usual $20 set of Weaver scope-scratcher single side clamp rings. Again, carefully tightened with finger and thumb only on a regular screwdriver, no tube-crushing here.

I also took the opportunity to toss a few rounds through my freshly-repaired 50's M&P, and lead the bejeesus out of my Ruger SP101 by shooting 18 rounds of old .32S&W. Looked like there were two steps in each chamber afterwards, just horrible. Fun though :) I would have stepped out with Frankengun but it was here and I was there...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think your Ruger SP-101 in .32 H & R magnum leads so bad? Have you reloaded for it, or are you shooting factory loaded ammo?


9:26 AM  
Blogger Les Jones said...

A single-shot .357 is a pretty nifty gun for us revolver lovers.

I hear tell some people have reamed the H&R .357 Magnum single shots to .357 Maximum. Not to give you any ideas. ;-)

2:08 PM  
Blogger Dr. StrangeGun said...


The ruger leaded up because I was shooting old .32 S&W in it, lots of freebore on a butter-soft lead bullet.


I did consider it... but the rifle is basically a range toy with some side useability, I'd just hurt myself overall increasing the freebore *more* when the biggest thing it'll likely ever toss is a 158gr .357mag.

I was thinking though while I pondered around Gander looking at scopes... it's basically the equivalent of the old .36 caliber percussion rifles used for squirrel and small game. As much as I'd like a .32 H&R rifle for that role, I already know that this can shoot touching groups at 25 yards with a *broken* scope and old ammo, to think of the whuppin' I can wreak upon varmints at that distance with .38 wadcutters is interesting.

4:55 PM  

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