Saturday, July 01, 2006

Can I keep'em!? Pleeeease!

Two more rifles followed me home like pitiful forlorn puppies the other day, a Swiss K-31 and a Steyr-Mannlicher M.95 .

I would show pics but the cellphone is as fuzzy as a three day bender and the Olympus is AWOL and not taking much better photos. It may be time to invest in a nice SLR digital and a macro lens...

but, what I *did* work on, is clearing the master bedroom of my house out (I use the smaller bedroom, how's that for devotion) to use as an office slash gun room. Gun ROOM! Yeehaw. I've got my very own dedicated, well-lit, 10x14 space for nothing but guns, computers, and money matters. Now *that* is a home office, ladies and gentlemen. And, once I get done with another little project here it'll have it's own "gun closet" with double-locking sliding metal doors. No fire protection, but my little darlings will be safe and sound :-D

At this point it's fairly obvious that I'm single, right?


Blogger Tam said...


Gun rooms rule! :)

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