Sunday, July 09, 2006


As per tuesday, it seems my No5Mk1 has a leetle problem.

Can you spot the problem in the picture? :) I'm happy I still have my vision... the gas handling worked well enough that I didn't even know the first shot had seperated; I ran the bolt back and was surprised when nothing came out and this little stub of brass rattled down on top of the magazine. Looking closely, I do believe the barrel isn't screwed into the reciever all the way.

The colt official police (ca. 1956) that I jsut got has a bad timing issue, it's jumping the bolt on three cylinders when pulled in double action. Frankly I just think it's gunked up under the bolt cam or the star or has some burrs... but I could be wrong, and I don't know enough about colt's DA revolvers to venture inside the frame.

So, both are getting dropped off in, oh, 20 minutes or so at CCA to let wiser heads prevail. Sometimes even doctors need specialists :)

On a brighter note, due to the "closet lock" project I have a length of aluminum bar that's 1/8" thick and fairly soft... if I can consolidate what's in my head onto paper, I may use it to make a mechanism mockup for a single action striker for a pistol, with safety.


Blogger Kevin said...

I, too, have a No. 5 Mk I that does exactly that.

Thankfully, I have another that does not.

I also have a No. 4 Mk I that throws bullets sideways.

And one that does not.

I've given serious consideration to altering the No. 5 with headspace problems to chamber and fire 7.62x39. You can modify the receiver to accept single-stack AK magazines, I understand.

10:06 PM  

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