Monday, July 09, 2007

"Past the Pins II" postponed due to life.

See, everything would have been hunky-dorey since yesterday I found my pin punch set and I was feeling my oats as to breaking the CZ-52 down all the way.

Instead, this morning the only breaking I was doing was with the bathroom sink. Whatever predisposed the mental megaliths who redid this place (late 70's-early 80's) to think that GLUEING a 40 pound pedestal sink TO THE MARBLE WALL was ok instead of using, oh, bolts...

Anyhow, the $200 missing out of my bank account may seriously affect future gun purchasing plans (where FUTURE$=next week, I've got one picked out already), and the six hours I spent running back and forth to Lowe's just killed the whole project for the weekend.

So in the meantime, enjoy yourself with fifty-five new "texture and detail" photos. I'm no Oleg Volk now, I was just playing with the camera, but most are passable.

Index page, click here

Maybe I'll have something next week. Job#1 has been super-extra-demanding of late.


Anonymous TD said...

You know you're a computer geek when you start photographing things on top of old hard drive platters.

You know I'm a computer geek when I recognize said platters :-)

9:34 AM  

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