Friday, March 02, 2007

Just an idea.

One wonders... Hell, I'll just say it.

I think I want a marlin 981T, a small magnification scope, and a supressor. This is contingent on the 1:16, 16 groove barrel being able to stabilize Aguila's 60gr subsonics.

Why? The 981T is a bolt action... no cycling noise. It's tube fed, and can accept any length cartridge by design. The tube carries TWENTY FIVE .22 shorts, for example. It could be shorts, longs, LRs, heavy subsonics, light subsonics, colibris, super colibris... just run the bolt.

And with a supressor, utterly quiet. It's... it's NINJA GUN.

As well would be a suppressed .38 special lever gun, but that's another post :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a 981, use it as a student gun and to practice my bolt work. The bolt handle needs to be bent up a bit to make it faster to cycle, but that's the only defect I've found (buy a spare from Marlin, heat to bend, re-temper).

I haven't found any ammo it doesn't like, at least out to 50 yards. I start students with CB caps, and they group almost as well as Ely target.

I've reached the point where I won't buy a .22 that doesn't have a tubular magazine; semi-autos won't cycle with CB caps or shorts, but bolts, levers and pumps seem to accept anything you feed them. I'd suggest, though, getting a spare mag tube and spring; one good dent and it's a single shot.

Keep us posted on what you wind up with as a suppressor. The idea has promise.

6:33 AM  

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