Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To the pins...

Alright, I respond to a good egging-on. I got home from a long day of work, grabbed the CZ75B Compact .40S&W out of the closet, and stripped it almost to the bones.

Why the .40? It's cleaner, and it's the one that won't cause too much pain if I break it. It's never quite worked right thanks to a wonky original magazine that I haven't bothered to replace yet.

Anyhow, without instruction, I got it down to where two more pins would have had it completely apart... the trigger pin and the main pin for the sear assembly. The trigger pin is strongly staked in, and the sear pin really needs pliers and a real pin punch, of which neither was at hand.

Surprisingly, the gun comes apart almost at a touch. None of the other pins are friction fit, they're held in with other items like a puzzle. The safety lever is held in with the leg of the sear assembly spring. The cross pin that holds the hammer pivot pin in place is held in by the spring for the safety detent plunger. The right hand safety is held in with a little metal tab that's in turn held in place by the sear assembly. It's a little work of art :)

In turn, I also discovered that the magazine release is indeed reversible, a "freefall" mag brake spring really is just a flat piece of steel, and the same spring that holds the slide release in place is the one that tensions it downwards. Oh, and that all three have been engineered to simply not break. DA parts are huge.

It's an impressive design. And now that I'm reasonably comfortable with it, expect pictures next time (though, out of turn).


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