Friday, March 14, 2008


Now, I'm being lazy... below is a copy and paste from my other, more private blog and there's a back story to it; I've taken to cooking for two week's worth of lunches at a time, and I've come home from the grocery today with 16 pounds of meat for the stellar price of $20.

This is the first, possibly last post from the seconday mad scientists lab... the kitchen of doom.


Ok... the three pound roast got cut in half, one half was cut through the thickness to make two steaks, which I tenderized... cooked and ate. *ohhh full*. The other pound and a half I cubed and sauteed in a little tenderizer, garlic powder, and chili powder. That will go in the chili.

Also going in the chili is the pound of ground beef I have in the fridge now, the middle of a three pound roll... the ends are in bags in the freezer. The beef for the moment is sitting in the refrigerator with a little pepper sauce and worcestershire on the end, trickling down through.

The chicken... Since i can't exactly trust chicken at $0.59 a pound, I washed everything in cold water right out of the bag. Four legs got skinned and set aside, the rest is in individual bags in the fridge. My god, what a deal... just a little extra work to process. The four skinned went into the pressure cooker with garlic powder and water, and when they finished I stripped them and right now the meat's in the fridge and the bones and stock are in the pressure cooker, pressin'.

When that's done and I set it aside to cool, I can brown the ground beef and then I'll stick that in the fridge for tomorrow... I'll run out of time tonight to make the chili.

Once the stock cools, I'll filter it and put it in my big pot... toss in ingredients and start simmering the soup.

In another pot, there's a pound of kidney beans and a pound of small reds soaking overnight. Tomorrow, half of those will go into the chili with all the meat (lot of meat, wow) after a short stint in the pressure cooker, and half will go into the pressure cooker with onion and the smoked pork neck I picked up today... that's gonna be yummy, yessirree.

And that, all told, should be more than enough to have 11 days of lunches with some left over to feed me this weekend. Phew. And, for next weekend I have split peas for soup; a can o' potatoes and a can o' carrots round that out.

Why... why do I get the feeling I should own a restaurant? I mean, if it weren't for the dry beans I'd only be making... uhm... *figures in head* about 3-4 gallons of food tonight...


Blogger phlegmfatale said...

Now, what time did you want us to arrive?

Gee whiz- 16 pounds of meat for $20? You should do seminars on your shopping methods, I think. Well done, you!

10:46 PM  
Blogger Dr. StrangeGun said...

Might even be less than $20, let me find the receipt...

chuck roast, 2.59lb @ 1.99/lb (smaller than I thought, whoops) is 9.56 minus 4.40 special = $5.16

73/27 ground, 3lb, $4.99

10lb bag chicken thighs, $8.90 minus $3 special = $5.90

Smoked pork neck 1.4lb $2.24

Adds up to less than an ounce shy of 17 pounds... and $18.29.

All I did was watch the sales papers. Food Lion popped up with a special and I snagged their "MVP card" when I walked in, and I royally kicked ass :)

I should have frozen the leftover roast rather than eat it though... and I probably shouldn't have stood over the strainer cracking open cooked chicken femurs and eating marrow but hey, stuff happens :)

11:15 PM  

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