Monday, March 17, 2008

Just some news.

Not much to say here, just some updates.

- I'm now a member of VRPC.

I now have some place to try out the rifles, which of course means my collecting will invariably shift towards pistols...

- I have what I think is an excellent lead on standard and extended magazines for Frankengun. They're Para .45acp magazines, but the feedlips are close enough together to feed 10mm just fine; I know because I tried one. I may soon be coming home with 5 16 round mags and 2 19 round mags...

- the VRPC membership is also the last key towards unlocking the CMP's door. Unfortunately by the time my little accelerated loan payoff scheme is done, they may not have much left but ragged M1 carbines and parts.

That is all; resume your normal workday activities.


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