Thursday, April 03, 2008

A fragment of underdone potato...

Have I shrugged? Am I being content with living a merely comfortable life instead of an exceptional one because I've decided it's not worth the hassle or the effort?

I was reading comments to an article on Digg and actually felt despondent that the people showing their dire ignorance and shortsightedness *are The People*.

I get into funks like this and make it worse by feeling guilty because I've always been trained to consider this line of thought arrogant and conceited. I suppose I have Bergeron syndrome... an inadvertent conscript to Jante law.

I *hate* it. And it's even compounded because I have a legitimate handicap on my skills; for the most part, I cannot grok higher maths. It's just not there; autodidaction never worked for that, and classical training was an utter failure.

So I think I stop trying. And then I do stop trying. And that's not laziness; it's total, pyrrhic defeat. When the soul sleeps and the brain dies, a dibrach full of fail.


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