Saturday, July 22, 2006

When truth doesn't matter...

The FN Five-Seven. It's an odd gun, not quite strange enough to have me leaping at it but strange enough that I look at it in the eyes of acquisition every so often (then I try the trigger, but that's another matter).

Now I *need* one, and badly so; why?

Because the Queens, NY district attorney had revealed that it's capable of *time travel*. Ooooooooh! Now I've got to detail strip one the next time I get my hands on one, I've *got* to discover what method of relativistic space-bending it involves in a handgun that's only around nine-hundred dollars*!

*That's a crack at all the people who think this is the "favorite of street thugs and muggers", who are all, if armed, likely carrying their neighbor's grandad's .38S&W or a $99 Zincomatic.


Blogger B&N said...

Truth. It seems that everyone has their own "perspective" on what that is these days. I wonder how much longer these kinds of things will be allowed to go on.

Kinda like the one the other day regarding the whole WTC collapse at Tam's. I have responded to most of the comments presented in the thread with a link to my blog. FYI


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