Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh holy wow...

As you pretty much all know I work at Coal Creek Armory for fun, in the afternoons. Being the "specialty shop" so to speak we have some pretty funky new stuff pass through on occasion, as a customer can pretty much order anything made, or makeable.

Last night was no different.

That's some big'arn right there, uh-huh.


Last night, I loaded up six cartridges... Hornady 148gr HWBC in federal .38spl cases, winchester SP primed, .3cc unique each. Tonight we'll see how they shoot.

Tomorrow I'll tell you one of two things; how many projectiles had to be driven out of the barrel with a rod, or how many fingers I'm missing. My silence will be an implicit admission of success, because if I've nothing else to worry about I have to reorganize the gunroom, clean in general, build the lightbox, and clean and photograph my CZ75 compact.


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