Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ohhh, we're all in trouble now.

And so it begins.

Where to from here... I think I'll load a couple hundred middling .38 specials and "learn the feel" before I move on to .32 magnum, 7.62 tok, etc.

That top? You, yes you can have one cheaply too. I was bumbling through Lowes one afternoon looking for ideas for trim on a bathroom project when I stumbled upon a rack of "ready to paint" ponderosa pine boards and planks. It hit me then that I could take two of the 2'x4' by 1" thick planks and stack 'em. The resulting bench is actually 2 1/2" thick and solid as a rock, while only weighing a little, maybe 20 pounds (?).

What I did was to take the best side of all of them and place it down, then set the other plank on top and even them up, measure a rectangle 2" inside the perimeter, drill and countersink-drill holes at the corners and every 10-11" (halfway on the short sides and thirds on the long sides)pick the top plank up and slather on the glue, use drill bits as pins to set the top back down in line, and zip 'er down with 14x1-3/4 screws. Then I turned the whole thing over, leveled it around on the entertainment center I'm using as a base, and drilled and sank four holes for 1/4-20 4" bolts tightened up with wing nuts and washers.

And note, you don't see holes in the top: they're filled and sanded flush.

I may eventually cover with bar-top epoxy and some microbead filler to make it opaque white; or "tileboard" masonite and contact cement. I want a white or light surface so I can see if I'm losing powder from somewhere.

That's all for now. Still haven't built the light box for the gun documentation project...


Anonymous J. Zagarella said...

Wow, your gun's are cool. I like gun designs also. So how did you end up in the Armory Business?

11:38 AM  
Blogger Dr. StrangeGun said...

Well... I like guns, the armory was hiring, I had a few spare hours in my week.

Bing, bang, boom, I'm in like Flynn.

11:45 AM  

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