Monday, January 08, 2007

First post of 2007 and no gun photos...

That's right, no gun photos. Why? Because I haven't gotten around to it yet, my new camera's only a few days old.

And you read that right as well... new camera. I managed to snag an Olympus SP-320 from Amazon at a special price over the holidays and I'm *damned* impressed, so much so that I want to prepare properly and learn how to use it as best I can before taking photos. So, I'm studying, experimenting, and I'm making a little light box to better photograph parts. Oh, and I need to buy a 1Gb XD card for it; as it stands internal memory will only let me take two raw format 3072*2304 images before it's full.

To show this thing has potential, here's a hastily assembled "supermacro" mode shot:

Now, I'm pretty much going to leave firearmwiki alone as to the plan here, but I will be making pages to go on What's the plan? I'm going to detail everything on everything. I'll be taking firearms, talking about use and history, posting detailed photos and breakdowns of marking, stripping them, and detailing out in photo how they work and why.

I'll be starting with my first gun, my CZ-75b Compact. I don't know how long it will take to put one together, but you will see it in the near future. I just have a few more preparations to make...


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