Monday, October 22, 2007

Lax postera...

... is faux-Latin for "I ain't writin'". I've been horribly busy, alternating with semi-futile attempts at recovery via relaxation.

In actual *gun* news though, there's a new arrival; I picked up a pristine H&R 929 a few days ago.

The Chrony F1 arrived as well, and then I realized I forgot to get a light kit for it. Whoops.

To close out this meager post, sitting in the truck waiting for tonight's shooting are 12 .38 special rounds, loaded each with a 148gr HBWC over 4.0 or so grains of Trail Boss, measured from a custom-made scoop that I got all over-engineery with. It's a modern grey Wolf 9mm case, whcih happens to meter 4 grains of Trail Boss repeatably and accurately (or as accurately as you can get with a scoop)... I took a 3/16" wooden dowel and drilled a hole in one end slightly diagonally so it'd emerge from the side 1/2" or so up the line, looped some copper wire and stuck the ends through the hole, and lasso'd the 9mm case by the extractor rim. Then I just tightened it down and slathered it with glue... works great. Could have been neater but hey, it works.

That's all I've got, for now...


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