Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a nongun. Very rare...

I'm just speaking up to note that after a year and a half, I finally stepped up and fixed the grammatical massacre that was sitting pretty right in the middle of my intro paragraph.

There will eventually be more gun posts. Why not now? Because I'm swamped.

For a small, out of focus picture of my personal life, I'll just make a few statements. I have two jobs for a combined ~58 hours a week of work, plus a total of around 2 hours a day driving time. I live alone, so that also means that I've got to cook and clean for myself. My house is a handyman's special and needs attention that I have trouble giving it. I'm paying off college debts, so I don't have a lot of cash to sling around... yet at the same time I'm looking around for a second property to build a garage on and use for that and storage space.

In essence, I mean to say I'm a very, very busy man. The guilt-ridden rest I give myself on the weekends is barely enough to keep me sane, or perhaps not quite enough since I'm constantly telling myself I should get up and do something.

So please, accept my apologies for not having more posty gun-fu.