Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A little bangity-bang

I finally got some shooting in... though in an unorthodox way. (note to readers: I don't identify customers, so if this is you, nothing personal).

I was at work#2 yesterday when two folks I hadn't seen in a long time came in and took a lane. Well, I'd offered one of them the use of the franken-Para, and she reminded me, and of course I complied. She went out with a box of 20 Hornady 200gr hollowpoints (1050fps), and had a blast with the hand cannon.

Well, I was piqued, and I hadn't shot the thing in months anyhoo, so I obtained something... different. Doubletap. 135gr, 1600fps muzzle. HOT. I've never heard a muzzle report like that, AND I chewed the center out of the target. Then I hung up a phone book and put five more through that, at about a 3" group with lots of confetti as a result. Paper dust was blowing out of the book like ashes every time it was moved...


In other news, I finally finished depriming those couple-thousand .38spl brass. I don't know the capacity, but they fill a quickrete 20lb bucket to the brim. Next step? Cleaning/polishing, and I'm not sure where I'll go on that. I think I may make my own tumbler... A piece of iron pipe, two pillow blocks, some 2x4 framing, a 5 gallon bucket, pulleys, and a motor :) If I leave it angled about 45 degrees I shouldn't even need a lid, but I will have to make sure it stays damp to avoid toxic dust. Could be useful for other things too...

Another side project I'll be getting into is rust removal... and that's a two step deal. First is "grand scale" er... scale removal, with an electrolytic tank. Simple enough, and I've got old computer power supplies coming out my ears. Second is figuring a means of point removal, and I'm thinking that a mixture of a fine point brush and a thickened phosphoric acid solution might do the trick.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quick and dirty.

Here's (most of) the CZ pantheon, with some guests.

And then I remembered the forgotten model 70...

What's missing? Most obviously, the CZ82/83 series isn't represented. I also want to get a CZ38 and eventually a CZ97. Other guns are the Fox and the CZ22, but I don't figure on ever finding either within reason.

I was also reminded of all the *other* clones... Norks, Sarsilmaz, Springfield P9, Sphinx, Baby Eagle, etc.

Oh, and sometime in the 70's, I turned up once, CZ made a copy of a .38spl Colt Official Police for state security personnel. I'll *never* find one of those :)

What's actually there? Ah, almost forgot. Looking at the last photo, on top: CZ27 .32acp, CZ70 .32acp, CZ52 7.62x25. On bottom: CZ75B Compact 9mm, CZ75B Compact .40S&W, Tanfoglio TZ-75 9mm, EAA Witness Compact .45acp "wonderfinish".

Friday, July 13, 2007

Did I forget to mention...

...that there are new guns in the arsenal?

Latest acquisitions:
Tanfoglio TZ-75 9mm compact, hard chromed (matte)
EAA Witness .45acp compact, wonderfinished

The next stop in "the plan" is one of the CZ82 imports from AIM. Then it'll be time to finally finish the AR project :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

"Past the Pins II" postponed due to life.

See, everything would have been hunky-dorey since yesterday I found my pin punch set and I was feeling my oats as to breaking the CZ-52 down all the way.

Instead, this morning the only breaking I was doing was with the bathroom sink. Whatever predisposed the mental megaliths who redid this place (late 70's-early 80's) to think that GLUEING a 40 pound pedestal sink TO THE MARBLE WALL was ok instead of using, oh, bolts...

Anyhow, the $200 missing out of my bank account may seriously affect future gun purchasing plans (where FUTURE$=next week, I've got one picked out already), and the six hours I spent running back and forth to Lowe's just killed the whole project for the weekend.

So in the meantime, enjoy yourself with fifty-five new "texture and detail" photos. I'm no Oleg Volk now, I was just playing with the camera, but most are passable.

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Maybe I'll have something next week. Job#1 has been super-extra-demanding of late.