Tuesday, June 17, 2008



That's today's Day By Day cartoon, relevancy check to follow.

I've always been somewhat of an "absent-minded professor" type, though not nearly so much now since my sleep problems are being treated (apnea, for a long long time).

Today's cartoon reminded me of the 5-6 times I'd get up in the morning, oh so groggy, hop in the car and start it, settle in to start driving, pat my pants pocket and go "Aw, dammit... what did I do with my keys?"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok. This Special AR Upper is on sale at Gunbroker.

I would not recommend anyone purchasing it, even though it's the strongest, lightest one you can find.

See, it's made of Beryllium, the machining and processing of which liberates Beryllium Oxide, which in turn causes chemical pneumonitis and Berylliosis, as well as being very carcinogenic. Frankly, I think it's safer to work with pure cadmium.

I'll be sending an email to that seller shortly.