Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm gonna put that.... where?

Oh dear.

Seems I have a burgeoning storage problem. I don't have room upstairs for a safe big enough to hold everything, and I'm not going to put a safe downstairs until I can afford to have a foundation specialist come out and ensure I won't find my precious rifles with their buttplates in stagnant water one morning.

Like I can afford a safe or a foundation repair anyways... I am but one man, and it seems, at least in this way, I've already outgrown my home.

EDIT: Ok, I know someone's going to ask, so I'll nip that in the bud...

In the cases on top: left to right, CZ27, CZ52, Bulgi makarov, Beretta 1934, Norinco 213, Radom Tokarev, CZ75B compact 40, CZ50, Ruger SP101 .32mag, CZ75B compact 9mm, Nagant revolver, beretta 950 (1952, no safety)

On the floor, L to R: '27 MN1891, ShtLE no1mk3, Steyr M95, Swede M96, Finn M24, Arisaka T38, Arisaka T99 sporterized (no, I didn't do it), K31, tarted up Marlin 60, M44, norinco SKS-M, Egypt contract FN-49 8mm, H&R topper lightweight 12ga (AKA thumper), FR-8, and on the floor is my half-done AR project.

Someday, not soon, I'll start detailing these in photos like I've promised for over a year. I am, as previous post suggests, busy.