Saturday, September 26, 2009

Like Christmas in... some other season

Last night I reviewed my bound book and opened up the safe to check on everything, make sure the oil hadn't evaporated, no spider infestation, etc.

It's been since January that I've bought anything. Shocking.

Also shocking; The things I pulled out of the safe that I'd forgotten about. Well, not so much shocking as "Oh yeah! Righteous!" that reminded me of opening presents.

ROFL. Did you know I bought two S&W M&P15 recievers in January, and own a sweet little H&R .22 revolver? 'Cause I sure as hell forgot...

I think I work too hard.

Monday, September 07, 2009


The (title) of my death are far exaggerated... I'm still here, just with different, perhaps skewed priorities.

I've been keeping so busy with job#1, house tasks, and projects that I've little time to write or even read. I keep up with Tam, SaysUncle, and Instapundit on a mostly regular basis though...

The bright side? I'm generally well rested, in better health mentally and physically (save for an aggravatingly severe bout with dermatitis brought about by formalin/linseed contaminated dust from sanding on pressboard re: projects), and fiscally... well, having only mondays at the gun shop hurt a little, but I can now and proudly say I have no rolling debts, period. A bit over a grand and a half remain on the truck... that, the mortgage, and the attached equity line are all that remains, and I'm laying plans to pay off the mortgage within a DECADE.

Projects? I have to reach back to july and think about this.... hrmm. What's not been mentioned...

- putting PA system in at the range (no links/photos yet)

- Finding new mad science tools on eBay like that handy-dandy counter and dual current-controlled var volt PS you see nestled next to the old freq gen in the Tek chassis

- Playing around with electrochemistry and building Hull cells like the one pictured in link, which will be used for de-rusting

- Fixing storage issues by adding a couple new shelves in the bathroom closet where once was just empty space. Note: that's the pressboard that fucked up my arms. Long sleeves or frequent cold-washing, folks, when cutting/sanding/mangling manufactured boards that use superfine fibers. Treat it like raw fiberglass.

- Fixing the undersink shelf in the kitchen, a jigsaw puzzle of wood squares...

- Taking my old liquor (ok, china) cabinet and doing a partial refurbishment, adding doors and reinforcing the legs, and installing knobs/handles

- Cleaning the spare microwave in the most detailed sense possible, to go out on loan (and yes, those are microwave parts soaking in the sink. Bzzzzt)

- Organizing my workshop. Seriously, you should have seen the before photos... and this is "during" anyhow, I'm not done since I keep interrupting myself with projects

- various odd little things like the speaker test stand and the miniature oil/naptha lamp that I figured out is real easy to make out of a .40 and 9mm spent cartridge (pop the 9mm's spent primer and drill the flash hole out to fit a wick. Done.)