Friday, October 31, 2008

So.... about that credit thing...

Yeah, I'm within 3 weeks of having no credit debt whatsoever.

Or, I was. Knocked some co-pays over to a credit card... and while I was at it, I found a deal.

Sometime in the near future, something will be arriving on my doorstep (or at the range, haven't decided).

That something... is a Colt A1 upper assembly, chrome-lined, small pin, with the teardrop forward assist and no deflector, and a squirrel-cage flash hider, for less than four bills.

I'll still need a bolt and charging handle, but this pretty much means the first AR project will be complete, and I can focus on getting AK parts kits, soon, real soon, while they still exist.

EDIT: Soon, I suppose, means now... I have got to stay off gunbroker. $400 Bulgarian AK74 kit. God, the prices really have skyrocketed on those.

Next, later, will be a plain-jane WASR kit or a barrel-less AMD65, likely the latter since they're cheap and frankly different.

EDIT AGAIN: Umm, I'm going to end up with 3 AKs then. I'll need a different receiver for the '74... no big deal, that's cheap stuff.


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