Thursday, November 06, 2008


Friday, I decided to buy some basic things on credit, because I had it and it wasn't any big deal.
By monday, I'd decided that I was going to take a risk and "stock up" per se, in case any legislation started rolling downhill.

So, a short list of what new toys are on their way/have arrived;
1 M16A1 upper
2 Romy AK parts kits
1 Bulgi '74 kit
1 ITM 5.45 AK reciever
3 sets of US compliance parts (trigger group, grips, gas pistons) and rivet sets
2 AR mags
2 hungarian steel AK mags (already have a stack of AK mags at home, have a Nork SKS)
100 rounds of .223
100 rounds of 7.62
1 box each of .45, .40, 8mm mauser, 6.5x55 swede, .22lr bulk pack, .308
1 CZ75 compact magazine
1 C&R CZ82 pistol
1 Polish PPsh41 parts kit
1 AK stock with rear trunnion (going to build the '74 as a fixed stock)
1 DPMS bolt group and charging handle

And, I'll be buying magazines, ammo, bits and pieces, and possibly machines tools, as we go along and test the waters.

I think I've got a good coverage of bare-minimum here. The only rifle I don't have any ammunition for now is the type 38 arisaka, and the only one I don't have at least a full box for is the type 99 arisaka.... I think I've done well. I could use some more pistol ammo though, particularly 7.62x25, but I don't see as much a threat there as with the rifle ammo. I already have a setup suitable for reloading pretty much any pistol cartridge, provided I have the dies.

The pain comes when I start paying *back*. Maybe the magic O will dissolve or absolve everyone's credit debt :-D

As far as the AK builds go, I'm just planning the basics here, nothing special. The Bulgi '74 will be a "regular" build, one Romy will get nice wood stocks and stock everything else, and the other Romy is going to have some svelte polymer stocks, a modest top rail and red dot sight, and no front sight or flash hider. The rail there is likely to be one I've seen that clips/clamps into the read sight base, I want it as low and as solid as possible. The PPsh41 I'll probably leave alone for a while, maybe make my own receiver, though I'll be finding mags soon. I don't think it's very bright on gun-grabber's radar, except for the capacity.


Blogger Sigivald said...

What's the PPSh kit for?

Building a semi conversion somehow?

5:27 PM  
Blogger Bunnyman said...

Oooh, Pa-pa-sha. This'll be interesting. I wonder if you can build one in 9x19 and 7.62x25...

4:31 AM  

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