Saturday, November 29, 2008

New toys keep rolling in. Or not.

So, in the pantheon of CZ there's now:

CZ-75B compact
CZ-75B .40S&W compact
Tanfoglio TZ-75 Compact
EAA Witness .45 Compact

And yet, there are still holes... 38, 85, 97, some of the more exotic pre-war variants like the 24, 26, a Duo, maybe even some of the funkier pocket guns with folding triggers... I don't have a full-size 75 at all either, though the 85 would fill the niche.

CZ's making polymer frame 75s now too, which complicates matters. And the RAMI. Oh, and the CZ40. And the 50. And the rifles.

I have planning to do. Oh, and the "Holy Grail"? CZ made a copy of a Colt revolver in the 50's for security police work. I heavily doubt any came this way, but that's why it's a Holy Grail gun.


Updates on the other incoming items: The receiver on order for the AK74 along with the papasha parts kit are delayed, with no reason other than "we're busy". I'll be calling them next week. The RIA Hi-cap was not even in stock when I ordered it, and will be a week or more. That company was honest about it when I called, and it's enough of a deal that I'm not going to bitch too loudly, but come on... have something in hand when you advertise it or at least say it's not on-hand, ok?

Oh, and I stumbled upon an acceptable deal on an NEF .357 handi, new for $228. I got word it shipped UPS ground wednesday... so I went ahead and ordered three scopes, two cheap NCstars and a Cabela's .444Marlin scope. The former two, one is for the Marlin to replace the supercheap BSA I have on it (this one's a nicer fixed 4x20) and the other was a compact 4x30 for the NEF, since that doesn't have sights at all.

Unfortunately immediately after my order, the company I got the NCstars from sent me a "Oh, sorry, both backordered" email. Dammit! I'm not one to say "there oughtta be a law" but jeez, this is so widespread there's no chance of social pressure fixing it, and if there's one PEEP of "oh, price went up" on ANY of my orders I'm finding a lawyer, because the orders were taken and my money accepted. None of the companies I used have a history of that though, so really all I'm in for is a wait.

A wait, and a stretch of time my long-awaited NEF .357 will be useless. *grumble*. I may toss the red dot from the MechTech on there so I can use it while I wait for everything else.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do as much testing as you can with your new .357 handi-rifle and publish the results. This rifle is something that we normal people can afford, not some tricked out AR-15 that only the T.S.A. administration can buy. Thanks.

2:48 AM  

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