Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello, Mr. Wildey.

No no, as nice as it would be to lay hands on a Wildey, I haven't. That's a tribute.

What *has* arrived though... Hello, Mr. Mech-Tech :)

I'll be sliding the Frankengun frame into it, being a 16" 10mm model with the fixed stock. Looks like a space gun, probably shoots like a space gun with the ammo I have, and.... Dammit all, it's just frickin' neat.

The ammo? it arrived yesterday too... 500 rounds of Georgia Arms 10mm 180gr FMJ and 200 rounds of 155gr HP bookin' along at 1375 fps, likely much faster from a long barrel. Who ever thought I'd see the day when 10mm becomes economical. See, My grand sum total for that and 100 rounds of .32mag LRN, shipped, was $301. $0.38 a round, averaged. Still not the cheapest, but not bad at all.

A little el-cheapo Chinese Docter sight knockoff arrived too, and actually looks pretty solid. We'll see how long it lasts, because for some reason I expect the recoil from this rig to be brisk. I'll start sighting it in tonight, I need to find a ballistics chart for 180gr@~1100fps so I can calc what the hold over is for 25 yards to get a rough 100 yard zero.

Future plans: This may spin off as a complete set. All I would need to do so is a Para frame with fire control parts, I already have several extended mags. Single action versus LDA, the verdict is out on that...

With a carbine, the idea of playing a bit with the 10mm load pops up. I need to find the limits of what it'll feed as far as OAL, but odd thoughts of 250+ grain subsonic loads through a suppressor are coming to mind, as well as what I could do if I find .400" diameter sabots... hell, or develop some of my own. I had a book on the way, "How to cast small metal and plastic parts" but it either didn't get delivered or someone snagged it off my doorstep, I'll have to order it again. I'm thinking a sabot that adapts a .308 projectile but covers the nose so the overall profile is like a round nose FMJ might work well, 3 or 4 interlocking pieces that stay together until they get out of the barrel and then fling apart sideways from the centripetal forces...

... anyone ever do something like that with, say, balsa/basswood?

That's something to play with in the next toy though, if I can find one... a single shot .38spl carbine (.357 mag would work too). NEF is supposed to have something like that but it's apparently rare as hen's teeth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This thread is worthless without pics!

... ;)

6:30 PM  
Blogger GunGeek said...

Yeah, NEF discontinued the 357 Handi Rifle. However, they still have the 357 barrels and will fit one to another Handi Rifle for you. Of course, it's going to be something like $130 by the time you ship yours to them and pay for the new barrel and return shipping.

Go to HR1871.com for more info.

9:52 PM  

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