Friday, November 21, 2008

What is, and what will never be...

It's not happening. Here's a copy of the last email I sent to the MechTech guy;


I’ve measured up and a shim .045” wide and .145” tall, attached so as to leave a .125” gap from the side of the inside rib of the bolt would do it, radiused down flush from .300” behind the bolt face and staying at full height .600”, radiused down to flush towards the rear with what figures out to be probably a 55mm diameter slitting saw (1.55” secant, .325” chord height, maybe… never was too good at math)

That shim could be wider but those measurements leave room for the attachment safety spring to be left alone with enough room to work properly. It’d have been a lot easier to measure too if the central rib (I don’t know the right nomenclature, sorry) were the same height, the two are different depths as measured from the center of the firing pin channel.

As thin as that shim is, I don’t think it’ll just be a simple addition, I see tab slots and silver solder in it’s future. I’m probably not going to do it, but there’s the numbers if you all decide to do something with it on the machining end.

Photos for reference:


The added bit won't be strong enough without drastic measures, and I don't want to modify the CCU that deeply (tab/slot fits, silver solder).

But, the RIA frame is identical to that one, but in single action that I *KNOW* will function, so all will be well in StrangeGunLand :-D


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