Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Frankengun and Mr. MechTech aren't on speaking terms.

I'm doing something I'm reasonably sure, after searches and even asking the MechTech guy (who said he's the one who'd be building the unit) about the compatability between the CCU and the Para LDA system.

And, there's a problem. Seems the CCU isn't hitting the disconnector properly, or that's my best guess. You get one hammer fall, then it's all caterwumpus, and becomes a bear to take apart.

I will confer with better smiths than I tomorrow. This could be something as simple as putting in a shim to hit the disconnector, or something as difficult (financially) as just finding a Para double stack frame or equivalent, with the regular 1911 single action parts.

I know the CCU itself works... I stripped the range Kimber .45 1911 and installed it, and put 10mm in the .45 magazine and let it rip. 4 for 4 fired, and then I was out of ammo since I forgot to bring any of my stash.

Watch this space. Something will be figured out. Pics when it's running.


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