Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, one more thing...

The tactimarlin paid a trip to the gunsmiths a few days ago as well. And I got it back doing the same things it was doing...

See, it eats any old .22LR just fine, but it EATS CCI stingers, literally... slams the bolt into the side of the cartridge so hard it bunches two square holes.

Well, I'm just figuring now that it's just not compatible, and that's fine. So in reality, I put it in the shop because *all* I'd tried were stingers. Whoops :) Seeing now as I'm in possession of 500+ rounds of Fed Premium, it won't be an issue again for a long time.

Ammo day... was a bust. I spent ~13 hours in bed yesterday with murderous sinuses. 30-40% humidity here, 25% at job#1, not cool for the old noggin.


Ah, one more one more thing. The CCU and the LDA may have a chance or reconciliation. I've been in conversations with a Para guy on and the MechTech engineers via email, and I *might* be able to fashion a little metal chunk to behave like the trigger reset cut in the Para slide. If not (or I decide to take the easy, money-throwing route), I can either get a Para "gunsmith kit" which is a ~$400 dressed frame, OR I can drop $400 on an RIA 1911 hi-cap, which is fashioned after the Para frame and will take my mags. Oh, and will leave me with a brand-new .45 slide and barrel assembly, which I will obviously later on throw a standard 1911 frame at and end up with (queue dramatic music) my first REAL 1911, matching my intentions of BUILDING MY OWN. Hee :)

Yeah, I know the RIA frames are cast, but I note that this frame will be permanently assigned to the CCU, and it's only task is to hold the magazine, my hand, and the triggery bits in the right position to repeatedly go "bang". Hell, I could do that with a chunk of wood (and I haven't forgotten the idea of trying that with an AR upper, either).


Damn.... just talked myself into it. I'm still going to see what I can do with the LDA, but that RIA hi-cap is on it's way to the armory.

And my credit card, it *bleeeds*. I ought to be back to normal (zero debt) by May though, earlier if I push hard.


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